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Ghislaine Maxwell Just Got Dumped By Her Husband For A Yoga Teacher From Massachusetts

Robin Platzer. Getty Images.

Source - Ghislaine Maxwell's husband told her while she was in jail that he had moved on with another woman, a friend of Maxwell's told the Mail on Sunday.

In 2016, Maxwell secretly married the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Scott Borgerson, who came into the limelight in 2020 after Maxwell was accused of helping the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein abuse girls.

The friend of Maxwell's told the Mail that a phone call between Maxwell and Borgerson when she was in jail became "confrontational." Borgerson "told her he had moved on and was seeing someone else," the person told the Mail, adding that "the marriage was over before the trial started."

Maxwell was convicted of five of six sex-trafficking charges on Wednesday. She faces a sentence of up to 65 years in prison. The friend of Maxwell's told the Mail that the pair hoped the marriage could be "dissolved amicably and quickly."

The Mail's report included pictures said to show Borgerson with a woman near his home in Massachusetts. The publication identified her as Kris McGinn and said she was a yoga teacher and a writer.

And the hits keep coming! The world's most infamous sex trafficker is now a single woman. I wonder how long the phone call was? Ten minutes? Twenty? It couldn't have been that long considering everything that's happened. It's not like she's getting out of jail either- she's locked up for life. And even though the article says the call was "confrontational"…it wasn't. She knows it's over. She's just coming to terms with the fact that she's going to die behind bars. Even if she was upset she had no right to be - she kept her husband a secret. The only reason people knew she was married in the first place was because court papers revealed that he tried to put together a $28.5 million bail package to free Ghislaine in 2020. Interesting considering he's only worth $3.5 million but that's neither here nor there. 

So who is this yoga teacher? Her name is Kris McGinn and from what I can tell she's a just a regular old masshole. No Instagram, no social media. You can see a picture of her here if you're interested. Oh well. I guess all we do now is wait. Wait to see what her sentence is and wait to see if she kills herself. The latter seems more likely. Have a lovely afternoon.