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This Guy Flew Across the Country to Meet a Girl He Had Been 'Dating' for Six Months and Took the Biggest L of 2022

City Boys are not, in fact, up big thus far in 2022. This was painful to watch.

My guy paid $300 to fly from D.C. to Atlanta all to get left at Hartsfield-Jackson with his dick in his hand and his heart in a million pieces. That airport is a hellish enough place to have to spend any amount of time without factoring in getting absolutely cucked. Tough scenes.

Have we all not seen an episode or two of Catfish by this point, though? Surely this guy remembers the Manti Te'o situation, right? We're doing in-person dating only in 2022, fellas. Do not let this be you.

The worst part of the whole thing is that he was supposed to be in Atlanta for a week! He had dates planned and everything. He might still be in town, just milling about. Hopefully he at least got some good wings and went to the aquarium or something.

But why is he posting this massive L in the first place? I know the kids are all about clout on TikTok these days, but this one should have stayed in the drafts, bossman.

She wasn't going to look like those pictures anyway, king. You'll find a good one very soon. Keep your head up.