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When Is Khloe Kardashian Going To Stop Wasting Her Time With Pieces Of Garbage And Get Herself A Real Man?

In case you need a recap, Pat posted all about the latest Tristan Thompson bullshit that broke last night during the premiere of The Bachelor. Yet again, Khloe Kardashian is saddled to a lying, cheating, selfish piece of shit:


We all knew this was how the cookie was going to crumble. We've always know the family should've never let Tristan back in the house/family group chat after the first AND second times he's cheated/lied. He should've stayed True's dad, and that's literally it. This man cannot keep his fucking dick in his pants and frankly, it's disgusting. Not only does he cheat, he's so careless that he doesn't even ATTEMPT to try and NOT get another girl pregnant...and then when he does, he screams and yells about how this woman is blackmailing him and extorting him by "lying" about the kid being his? Hey, Tristan, newsflash - YOU'RE NOT WORTH THE MONEY. Nobody cares about extorting you. Nobody wants to be linked to you with a child, except Khloe, and you RELENTLESSLY CHEAT ON HER. I don't know if I hate anybody today as much as I hate Tristan Thompson.

Wait a second, here we go! It's not over yet! Not only is Tristan bringing shame down on the entire Kardashian family, now we have another ghost from Khloe's past coming out of the woodwork:

LAMAR ODOM. Wants to "reconnect and talk one day as friends." NO LAMAR. NO. JUST GO AWAY!!!! JUST STAY AWAY!!!!! Leave this woman alone!!! You dragged her to hell and back, she's been nothing but nice to you/about you in the press, LET HER LIVE IN PEACE. She needs to move on. She needs to find someone who appreciates the incredible woman that she is, and doesn't fuck it up so bad that she has to live with the fucking dark cloud that these people consistently bring into her life. She deserves sunshine, she deserves to be spoiled, and she deserves to be treated as well as she treats everyone else. Khloe has always been the best Kardashian. I love Kim, love Kourtney, love the Jenners….but Khloe is the only one who has consistently been the most real, had the best sense of humor and the biggest heart. Maybe this final MORTIFYING experience will make her see that she should have the world, not some "role player" who needs the rest of the team to carry him on their fucking backs so he can cash in on that 45 million and spend it all on flights to Texas to impregnate women who he's NOT in a relationship with. FUCK these people.