Drew Lock Called Joey Bosa "Tired" During Sunday's Game And You'll Absolutely Believe What Happened Next(Tackle For Loss)

Remember those sweet few weeks for Broncos fans when they thought Drew Lock might actually be the guy? He rapped a few lyrics to 'Put On' and impressed a lot of people with the swagger + mediocre performances. I'll admit, I was impressed in the same way that I was impressed by Baker dancing in the teammate circle at Oklahoma. Everyone likes a cool quarterback! You know what is better than a cool quarterback, though? A good quarterback. And boy does Drew Lock STANK. 

Calling out a guy like Bosa, who was doing plenty of damage all game despite drawing a double team every other snap, is a hilarious move from a guy down 17 points in the third that KNOWS he can't back up the shit talk. What's even funnier is that he did this knowing that they were going into a run play. Basically talked his shit and then hid behind Melvin Gordon to back it up. That didn't stop Bosa from getting right in his face after stuffing Gordon for a loss of 4 yards, though. 

We will always have that one moment in time, Drew