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Penny Is Basically Begging Kentucky To Play Memphis In Nashville ... Coach Cal Should Laugh Right In His Face As He Says No

I understand Penny wants to play this game. Who doesn't want a chance to play Kentucky? People would do anything for that shot. But come on, Penny. You're Memphis. You're one of the, if not the, most disappointing team in the country so far. You lost to Georgia and Tulane. You're currently 51st in the NET rankings meaning you're not even a Quad 1 game on a neutral court. Yuck. 

Also Calipari owes nothing to Memphis. They still can't grasp the fact he'd leave that job for Kentucky. They still are all angry at him for doing so. Fine. Fuck them. Play Gonzaga, Texas, Ohio State. Reschedule with Louisville. Agree to play Memphis only if and when Penny finally takes them to the NCAA Tournament. Put in stipulations like that. Oh and for sure don't play them in Tennessee. Make them come to Kentucky. Do them no favors after this report. 

Play teams you know you can get on the schedule and actually be Quad 1. Obviously focus on LSU tonight because that matters way more than a hypothetical drop out game. I'm not looking ahead of LSU, number 5 team in the NET mind you. I don't care if Kentucky has won their last 4 games by an average of 34 points. Tonight is about going 2-0 in the SEC. Tonight is about another win and jumping higher than 8th in KenPom and 15th in the NET. Tonight helps replace that Notre Dame loss. 

Just don't play Memphis.