It Looks Like The New York Rangers Have Officially Reached WAGON Status

I've been wondering for weeks when the New York Rangers were finally going to be appointed a wagon by Mr. Bissonnette & after a little faltering in previous weeks followed by back to back W's against Tampa and a dominant (Panarin-less) win against Edmonton last night there happened to be a new team at the top of the standings in the National Hockey Leauge.


Yup. That'll do it. That'll get ya to be a wagon and there's no denying that this hockey team VERY MUCH is just that. I can't sit here and break down actual hockey like our Rangers writer 610, but what I can say is this team is miles better than we thought at the start of the year. There's depth up the wazoo here & not to mention the top guys are doing top guy things. Igor Sheshterkin for the Vezina. Chris Kreider for the Rocket Richard. Artemi Panarin for the Hart. Oh and obviously Adam Fox for the Norris...

Giphy Images.

There are a lot of haters out there saying the Wagon announcement may lead to a mush, though. Not us. Not these guys. We got a 5 game road trip coming up that I fully expect to go 5-0 on but until then…BUY THE SHIRT.