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Fava Beans & Nice Chianti In Space? Scientists Warn Cannibalism Could Be Inevitable

A semi-longish time from now on a planet sort of far away in what is likely kind of Elon Musk's fault: 

Perhaps not in my lifetime, but I do believe that in the future humans will have outposts on other planets & moons. Experts say this is a very real possibility and Jim Green, the (newly retired) top scientist at NASA says we could even modify atmospheres with giant magnetic shields to make other planets and moons Earth-like… But some warn that if anything goes wrong & we don't get our logistics 110% spot on, space explorers could wind up chowing down Donner Party style. 

Via Metro

In an interview to British newspaper Metro, Charles Cockell, professor of astrobiology at Edinburgh University, and Dr. Cameron Smith, anthropologist at Portland State University, said that humans could end up eating each other as a last resort if crops fail while living in far-flung colonies in space. According to them, some of the biggest worries for future colonists could be food shortages, disease and continued dependence on earth for sustenance. 

Cockell brought up Sir John Franklin’s 1845 exploration of the Arctic that resulted in a crew of 129 men becoming stranded on ice for over a year with no possibility of resupply. Markings on some of the bones recovered bring many to believe they resorted to cannibalism. (Worth noting, one of the two ships was aptly named the HMS TERROR.)

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