This Nasty Block From George Pickens Is the Perfect Encapsulation of the SEC vs. Everyone Else

If you didn't have any idea what happened in the College Football Playoff semifinal between Georgia and Michigan, you could just watch this one block on the outside from George Pickens and know exactly how the rest of the game went.

Everybody talks about being sick of "SEC bias" in the media and all that other nonsense until their team has to line up against Georgia or Alabama, whose wide receivers look like linebackers and will put you on your ass five yards from where they hit you just for fun. Much of the country seems to think fans of SEC schools other than the two I named above "root" for them in these kinds of games, which is not the case. We just want the rest of y'all to see the shit we have to go up against every single week and understand the sport your teams are playing in the Big Ten and Big 12 is not comparable to what is going on in the SEC.

Tennessee, a 7-6 football team, had two leads over UGA and was within a touchdown of Alabama in the fourth quarter. Michigan and Cincinnati, two of the supposed four best teams in the country, had a combined 0 snaps where they were ever even remotely in the game. There is a Grand Canyon-sized talent gap between the SEC and everyone else in college football.

If you're not excited to watch a heavyweight title fight between Georgia and Alabama — not to even mention the intrigue of Kirby Smart's quest to finally beat Nick Saban — for the national title, you are a square and don't actually like college football.