A Boxer Handles His Loss With Grace And Sportsmanship ... By Punching The Ref Right In The Chin

[The Sun] - Iago Kiladze and Viktor Faust were putting on an entertaining fight with five knockdowns in the first two rounds on the Charles Martin vs Victor Ortiz undercard on Saturday night.

Kiladze was knocked down for the third time in Florida but managed to get up and beat the count.

However, referee Samuel Burgos was not satisfied with his slight stagger when Kiladze was walking forwards and suddenly called the contest off - sparking huge outrage. The 35-year-old then aimed a soft right-hand jab at the referee's chin as Burgos waved in his face.

A shocked Burgos stood his ground and shouted at the boxer: "What the f*** are you doing? Fight’s over!"

If you think I'm going to sit here and defend the ref and make fun of this boxer, buddy you clicked the wrong blog. First off, the last thing I want is a boxer pissed off at me. Look at him, that's a big man that will 100% kick my ass in one punch, two max. Second, why would I defend a ref? He deserved it. Let's not act like he made the right call, I don't even need to see the video here. This is the Internet. I've read enough to make up my mind. The ref is in the wrong, no doubt about it. You don't get that pissed about a loss if it wasn't controversial. 

Not to mention it's not like Kiladze knocked him out. It was basically a love punch. A little hey, you fucked up and this is a warning punch. Just let them know you're standing there. Let them know you're thinking about them and you aren't happy. You want me to give credit to the ref? Fine. The what the fuck are you doing line is pretty funny. That's how you respond after getting a little rabbit punch. But I disagree with the fight's over line. As far I'm concerned a new fight is just beginning and old Samuel Burgos is the new opponent. Get your hands up. 

I also think athletes across the sports world should be allowed one fight for ref per season. You can't sucker punch them, but a challenge. Think of it as a replay challenge. Too often these asshats wearing stripes go unpunished for fucking up the game. It happens all the time. They don't even have to answer questions because they are too protected. Throw in the fear of getting challenged to a fight and lets see if that helps games being called right. I bet those assholes in college basketball will finally stop calling charges all the time.