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The New WFT Name Will Be Announced On February 2nd And It Will NOT Be Red Wolves


Our long national nightmare (that we stopped caring about months ago) is almost over. Finally, in just under a month, the WFT will announce their 3rd name in 3 years, leaving behind "Washington Football Team" for good. Phew. 

Just like how we got used to "Washington Football Team", we will probably be slightly underwhelmed by whatever the new name is, make some jokes, and then move on with our lives. Sure, there will still be egg heads who yell "REDSKINS" at the top of their lungs to make some point that doesn't exist, but with this team name announcement we can finally move on from this saga.

One thing the new name won't be is the one name the fanbase rallied around, Red Wolves.



Those pesky trademarks. 

It seems like the leaders in the clubhouse are "Generals" and "Commanders". Definitely looks/feels like it'll be military based. 



So we're almost there. Almost at the finish line. Another losing season and then a name change which makes it pretty ironic they are announcing it on Groundhog's Day.