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South American Woman Strips Down And Uses Dress As Mask

The headline says it all, but I'll get a little more granular...  Some broad in Argentina was refused service at a local ice cream shop because she was not wearing a mask, so she stripped down to her bra and panties and attempted to use her sundress as a mask while a man with three daughters looked on.

Couple things:

- In the bible, Matthew 7:1-3 says, "Judge not, that ye be not judged." but I would say this girl is a Ridgewood, NJ 7.5 but an Argentina 5.2, and yet, the NY Post still found her attractive enough for a headline, so who am I to judge?

- A South American Instagram model named Francia James pulled a similar (but better) stunt months ago...

- You know how much I like GIFs, and while searching for a thumbnail (Jessica Nigiri), I found this GIF of a backhoe operator successfully taking a girl's dress off…

("Back, hoe!")

- And lastly… I've gone back to briefs in 2022 for the support they provide my pendulous balls… I wonder how it would've been received if I removed my one-piece romper and used it as a mask while exposing my confusing package in front of young impressionable strangers?

Take a report.