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Titans Punter Brett Kern Got Right In Jeffrey Simmons' Face And Almost Ended Him When Simmons Didn't Give Him A High Five

This is how you establish dominance on a football team. Each team has to have a veteran leader, sometimes it's the punter. The Titans have Brett Kern who has been on the team since 2009. He's ancient in NFL terms. Kern has been around the Titans so long he was teammates with Randy Moss, that's how long he has been around. But even punters demand respect and Kern will be damned if he was going to let Jeffrey Simmons stiff him on a high five. Kern tried to get some love from 98 as he came off the field and Simmons walked right by him as Kern held his hand up. 


Blew right by him like he wasn't even there. Kern was basically a statue as he stood there in shock. How can you ignore the legendary punter and not show him love? Brett made sure it would never happen again and gave Simmons a piece of his mind. You have to love the aggressiveness from Kern, who again is a PUNTER, getting right in the grill of a 6'5", 305 pound defensive tackle. Kern stood over top of Simmons and absolutely established dominance. 

"Next time you walk by me without giving me a high five, we're going to have some problems." 

"My fault Brett."

The tone that Brett used! My goodness. He felt stiffed on the high five and wanted to make it right, he was all up in Simmons' kitchen and let it know it wouldn't happen again. I loved it, very funny exchange caught by the mics. Especially when you realize it's a punter talking to one of the best defenders in football. That is just what Brett Kern does, he demands respect and he'll coffin corner your ass. I loved the interaction and I'm happy that Kern went searching for that high five and got it. I bet Simmons goes straight over to Kern after every big play now, have to keep that tradition going.