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The Official Pardon My Take Supp Stack: Tailored for every body type.

The Pardon My Take New Year's resolution substack is dropping and what's great about the podcast is it has 3 classic body types. Tall fat guy, a shorter skinny fat guy, and a short flabby guy with decent muscle-building genetics. 


I have tailored specific supplements for each of their needs. The core of all three's supplement stacks are testosterone support, vasodilators, and anti-inflammatories. 

Base (What everyone should be taking):

D-aspartic Acid: 600mg- A building block of testosterone (this one is debated as to if it is effective alone in boosting testosterone, but I believe when combined with other testosterone stimulating substances may be more effective)

Ashgwagandha Extract: 450mg - General Testosterone support and libido booster

Tribulus terrestris: 600mg - Libido Booster and HPT axis stimulator 

Fish Oil Softgel:1200mg - Helps lower blood pressure

Arginine: 2500 milligrams - Boosts HGH

Theanine: 500mg - Testosterone support helps control cortisol 

Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 1950mg - Anti-inflammatory and Bioperine increases the bioavailability of all supplements increasing absorption

Probiotic Blend including Specifically lactobacillus Reuteri - A probiotic that has been proven to grow the balls of Rats and increase testosterone. 

All of these will help jumpstart their systems, at the least it will boost their energy and their body will function better. If we recorded their blood pressure and resting heart rate after a couple of days of taking this stuff it would likely be lower. They also may just be bricked up all the time because a lot of this stuff is also treatment for Erectile dysfunction. 

Hank's special sauce:

Lion's Mane 1000mg - Literally this isn't for Hank's body its to lift his mood and positivity

The T-boosting and young body should be enough to get Hank going, hopefully, this gets his libido up and gets him motivated to go to the gym more. 

PFT's Muscle Building Additions

Creatine 5g (He can't take it because he has bad kidneys but you should) (Loading creatine is stupid just take it consistently) (Helps with muscle recovery) 

BCAA's 7g - Helps build muscles

Glutamate - Helps muscle recovery

Any pre-workout with more than 6g of Beta-Alanine, Take however much it takes to tingle  

PFT is coming off of a huge cut where he starved himself by only drinking soup. We gotta pump up those muscles, all these plus a pre-workout Pft takes are mixed together before he works out. 

Big Cat's Fat Burning stack

Realistically any type of true fat burners that many people use and you see at the store will be pretty dangerous for Big Cat. All fat burners put serious stress on internal organs. I am going to experiment with an appetite suppressant and he has consumed much of it in larger doses as it's an active ingredient in Redbull. 

Taurine 500mg - Appetite suppressant, energy booster, speed up metabolism, and lowers stress

For those saying "Billy isn't jacked" or "Mintzy isn't jacked yet", let's just say when I do get in peak physical shape I don’t flex on all of you, If I started doing that I imagine you would all hate me. Also, Mintzy has realized he can get away with not being under my intensive regime when he leaves so now he travels all the time. This is the type of physique this supplementation can get to. 

These supplements by themselves won't get you jacked, it takes a ton of hard work and diet on top. But they will give you better energy and probably mood. Honestly, most of the supplements are nootropics to get you in the mood to work out and attack the day. That's 99% of the battle.

I mean what if we turned this.

To this 


(I am not a doctor non of this is medical advice its bioscience from a bioscientist, specifically only for bros.) (If you are not a bro stop reading because bros don’t sue bros for medical malpractice for organ failure)