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Ken Rosenthal Was Reportedly Not Brought Back By MLB Network Because Of His Previous Criticisms Of Rob Manfred

SAWWWWWWWFFFFTTTTTT. What a fucking joke. Major League Baseball doing their best to emulate state run media? That's where we're at with Rob Manfred at the helm of the ship. That thin skinned motherfucker can't handle a few jabs thrown his way? It's so hard to be a worse commissioner than Goodell or Bettman, yet Manfred blows them out of the water. He makes Bud Selig look like a knight in shining armor compared to what's happened during his tenure. Ken Rosenthal will not be returning to the league owned MLB Network because he criticized supreme leader Rob Manfred in the past. That's a real thing that's happening. If you don't agree with the league then you're out. That's the message we're getting here and it's asinine. 

It's almost impossible to talk about baseball for five minutes without uttering out a problem with the sport that leads directly back to Manfred. Where do we start? The handling of the Astros scandal, the blatant tampering of the baseballs over the last few years where they manipulated games, the lockout negotiations, 7 inning double headers, the runner on 2nd rule to start extras, referring to the World Series trophy as a piece of metal, the botching of covid testing, changing the sticky substance rules mid-season. He's even considering making the World Series a neutral site event similar to the Super Bowl. Every change he makes to baseball he does with the intention of harming the sport. God forbid Ken Rosenthal, one of the best reporters/writers in the game, criticizes his moves once in a while? So now you take him off your flagship network? Fuck outta here. 

Don't worry, you'll still see plenty of Kenny. He writes plenty for The Athletic and he's regularly seen on Fox Sports covering the game, featured in their biggest moments. Still, not renewing his contract that expired at the end of 2021 because he took a few careful shots at Manfred is insane. Rosenthal is one of the more professional guys in all of sports reporting while Manfred is the one who should be out of a job. Worst commissioner in sports and there's not even a close second.