Apparently Matt Nagy Will Be Fired After Week 18 (PRAISE BE!) And George McCaskey Is Seeking Advice From Bill Polian And Tony Dungy

If I had to guess, this decision will come down solely on the shoulders of team chairman George McCaskey. It’s known that the two have a strong relationship. Pace played a big part in the renovations at Halas Hall and that should not go unnoticed. With that being said, there’s also been plenty of speculation that the team has already brought in one, if not a few different “consultants” to assess the state of this team. There have been rumors of both Bill Polian and Tony Dungy, but there have been no confirmations on either name. Ultimately though, this comes down to George. If everyone in the building wants Pace gone, he still has the power to overrule him.

If you are looking for positives in the god awful shitty fucking mess of a season, well maybe they are right here in these two links. 

It should be obvious to everyone that Matt Nagy deserves to be fired at this point, but it is nice to hear from a trusted source like Rappaport that it's happening. By this time next week the Bears will have Matt Nagy in the rear view mirror and we can all get to a place where maybe, just maybe, there is a shred of hope. 

That hope that the next thing has to be better than the previous thing has ALWAYS proven to be terrible logic as a Bears fan and this largely because the Bears have used Ted Phillips and this guy to find the "next guy"

Chicago Tribune. Getty Images.

No offense to George or his face, but that face doesn't inspire one single ounce of confidence anymore. BUT for the first time ever, George seems to truly feel the same way. He won't get up there after the season and tell us how disappointed his mom is. He has reportedly sought outside council this time. Two Hall of Famers. Now…Bill Polian is barely younger than Virginia at this point and he's been out of football for a while now so maybe he doesn't have the insight he would've like a decade ago when he was fired by Jim Irsay and the Colts, but…it's still better than George and Ted having their say and picking their guys. Hopefully Dungy and Polian don't pick on the feeble minded and pull a Dick Cheney and just hire themselves for one last pay day and a taste of power. 

I am in the mood to be positive to start 2022. George and Ted realizing that their big adventure of running a football team has been an utter failure and willing to bring in football people to help make football operations hires is a GREAT thing. Fresh ideas, a QB I personally still believe in, plus other young guys like Mooney, Borom, Jenkins, Roquan, Monty, Gipson, etc. Maybe there's a smidge of hope at this very moment that things will change for the better. Of course, they probably won't, but hope is a good thing.