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This Exact Snowy Replica Of Me From An Unlikely Source Has Me Utterly Floored

This video is eerie. Eerily concerning. All day yesterday I noticed a few folks tagging me in this snow video on Instagram and didn't happen to watch it since I'm both not a snow guy. You wanna rev this guys engine you show him a beach...NOT the snow. Yet finally as the beautiful Sunday wound down I watched the video and was floored. My jaw was on the ground when I found my very own face in that snow after quite possibly the polar opposite of myself in a beautiful lady there her face in there.

Like how the hell does this even happen? That's basically my carbon version of Han Solo. Not to mention it is absolutely NOWHERE NEAR Joe Pesci although I will obviously take being compared to Joe Pesci.

What an odd, odd, odd thing to see. Anyways...Happy New Year!