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The Chargers and Raiders Are Playing On SNF For A Spot In The Playoffs

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After the Texans dropped 41 points in the Chargers lap last week, I was ready to accept the worst. A team that lets Rex Burkhead and Davis Mills have career days doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs. However, everything broke the Chargers way this weekend playoff scenario wise AND they dominated the Broncos. So, obviously, I am now all the way back in. 

I'm ecstatic that the team to beat is the Raiders. Guess how many teams over .500 they have beaten this year? Three, including the Eagles. They have a middle of the road defense, a -11 turnover differential, a bad rushing attack and they don't typically score a ton of points. Derek Carr stinks and Joey Bosa owns a Dutton sized ranch worth of real estate in his head. 

This is what I expect for this game: Alex Leatherwood is going to get dominated by Joey Bosa. The Raiders run game isn't strong enough to keep the Chargers honest, and the Chargers pass defense(which is back at full strength for the first time in a while) should limit Carr's options. Derek Carr WILL throw a pick(and/or maybe fumble). Lastly, I think the Chargers will lean heavily on the run. Herbie played great in their last matchup but Ekeler averaged nearly 8 yards a carry. With Justin Jackson coming into his own, I think they let them do the bulk of the work in the middle of the field. 

A lot can change between now and Sunday, but there are a few player props I already feel strongly about:

- Ek anytime TD

- Carr to throw an INT 

- Over Renfrow Rec Yards(If Greg Olson is smart, he will pick on the slot)

And as always: FUCK THE RAIDERS