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What Does Mike Trout Know About Eating Sandwiches That We Don’t?

So Mike Trout decided to wish us all a Happy New Years in the Most Mike Trout way ever. By doing it at 10:47 PM on January 2nd and only tweeting “2022”. That’s it. Pretty standard for the course with Trout, although it was around that time that the Eagles had clinched a playoff spot, so maybe he was all fired up. Regardless, Trout let out this fire tweet to his followers. People started asking him hard hitting questions under his tweet and this one caught my eye. 

Just a simple, how do you cut your sandwich question. It‘s very clearly A, that’s just how you cut a sandwich. You get the best bites out of that shape, it’s not just me, science says it. They wanted to know Trout’s opinion and he hit us with maybe the most interesting thing he’s ever said publicly. 

So is what he’s saying is he doesn’t know which one is best and he prefers to keep switching it up because he doesn’t know what experiences he’d be leaving on the table? Is that how I’m reading this? I think it is. If that’s true it’s the most mind bottling and interesting Mike Trout has ever said. He really put some thought into this. Like this is a Gary Vee answer. “Leaving experiences on the table” what does that mean? Are crumbs the experience? Now I really need to know how he cuts his sandwiches. And these experiences, what are they exactly? Tell the people, Mike. Tell us how you cut your sandwiches and all the experiences you leave on the table. I’m dying to know.

PS. Please come back soon baseball, we need it so bad. I can’t keep having stuff like this be the only baseball “news”.