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We've Got An A+ Reaction From This Lady In Tennessee Who Thinks She Spotted A UFO

Source - There was something strange appearing in the sky over Tennessee ... and it prompted an eyewitness' super funny reaction to the prospect of UFOs.

Check out this wild, hilarious video obtained by TMZ, which appears to show multiple lights in different formations high above Memphis.

We're told this was shot a couple days ago, on Dec. 27, in the evening ... and you can see the lights forming a line and a triangle.

The eyewitness who shot the video is beside herself ... "Y'all, what is that y'all?!? Y'all what the f*** is that?!? Oh my God, y'all!!!"

The Video:

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. This lady is to UFOs what Snoop Dogg is boxing- a voice of the people. She didn't play it up for the camera, she reacted exactly how we all saying we're finna die. It reminded me of the Alabama leprechaun video that KFC blogs every year. Here's it is for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...




Morons. To be honest I've never understood the fascination with UFOs or aliens or anything that has to do with outer space for that matter. It bores me. We've got enough happening on planet earth, why waste your time theorizing about unproven life forms millions of miles away? Even if aliens did exist, it's not like they'd come here to help us, they come here to hurt us. Rob us of our natural resources and wipe us off the face of the planet. Oh well, to each her own. If we do for some reason come in contact with aliens, I'm going to react the exact same way as the lady in the video - by saying we're all finna die. Have a great Monday.