When The Eagles Inevitably Win The Super Bowl, It's All Thanks To This Jason Kelce Speech

You can say what you want about the Philadelphia Eagles. You can say the only reason they have 9 wins on the year is because they play in a dog shit division. That none of the teams they beat this season are in the playoffs. Guess what, bozo? It doesn't matter. Never has and never will. Because regardless of what you say about the Birds, the fact remains that they are in the playoffs. And once you're in, anything can happen. Especially when you've got one of the best offensive lines in the league, and one of those offensive lineman is one of the greatest motivational speakers that humanity has ever seen. 

Think back on some of the most monumental moments in American history. They all started with a great speech. FDR said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself", and then we had a clean sweep to win World War II. Patrick Henry said "give me Liberty or give me death", and then America went out to beat the shit out of the British in the American Revolution. Herb Brooks said "great moments are born from great opportunity", and then the Miracle on Ice happened. 


The trend here clearly being that when you have someone get up in front of a group of men who will go to war for that man and he lays it all out there and delivers a killer speech, anything can happen next. Miracles can occur. Miracles like a 7-seed running the ball down everybody's throat for the next month to go on to win another Super Bowl. 

Sidenote: Still the best speech Kelce has given. 

Go Birds.