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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 17

In another blowout for Football Guy of the week, reoccurring guests Greg Kittle and Greg Olsen took the award!

Just guys being dudes, what's better than that. 

Now to ring in 2022 the first nominees of this year. 

#1 Micheal Freeman, (Marcus Freeman's father Head coach of Notre Dame)

Not showing up to your son's game to make him know he isn't any more special is a huge football guy move. 

If that is the mentality that got Marcus Freeman to the position he is in, there is no reason to not continue to treat him like he is a nobody. 

#2 Jaylen Warren RB, Oklahoma state

Jaylen Warren is just completely being a masochist with this move. Walking 3.2 miles on a bad ankle from the airport is the type of seemingly pointless action that will undoubtedly translate to mental toughness that will last throughout his career.

#3 Rob Gronkowski TE, Buccaneers

Just a great answer. 

#4 Joe Burrow QB, Cincinnati Bengals

Guy didn't care his nameplate was off his back, just was about that name on the front. 

Old School Football Guy of the Week

John Madden (In General)

Hitting the 7 man sled would get rid of all hangovers, not only was John Madden the Ultimate Football guy. He was just the ultimate guy. Here's an amazing story that highlights how amazing of a guy Madden was.