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Stefon Diggs Is About To Put Up NUMBERS On The Falcons In His John Madden Cleats


Good luck to anybody that has to face Stefon Diggs in the fantasy finals today because he about to go off on the Falcons. I guess he was probably going to do that anyway considering he's Stefon Diggs and they are the Atlanta Falcons defense. But I'm pretty sure honoring John Madden the first Sunday after his passing instantly makes you a 99 Overall. During a snow game in Buffalo no less! I'm pretty sure all this means Diggs is about to turn into the wide receiver version of Tecmo Bo and 04 Madden Vick that we haven't seen since Madden Moss and Madden Megatron were causing chaos on the virtual gridiron.

I saw DeSean Jackson is doing the same thing for the Raiders but I just didn't have the stomach to put my team's arch rival in the headline.

That being said, I would like a Bills + Raiders parlay added to my Barstool Sportsbook card along with the team of any other player that does this. Maybe even sprinkle a Stefon Diggs Touchdown Scorer prop in there too for having the face of an absolute legend on his cleats that just got it and would cosign everything I wrote in this blog.