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Reports Are Out That Derrick Henry Has Been Working Out At "Full Speed" At The Titans Facility And The Rest Of The AFC Just Got Put On Notice

You hear that? That's the sound of Tractorcito season starting up, just a little later than normal. Reports coming out of Nashville that Derrick Henry has been working out at full speed and without a limp at the Titans facility as he gears up and gets ready for his return to the Titans. They've found a way to tread water without him as the sit at 10-5 with a chance to clinch the AFC South today, but they have bigger plans and adding a healthy Henry will help them accomplish those plans. It's been almost 9 weeks since he got the surgery on his foot on November 2nd and the initial report was diagnosed as an 8-10 week injury, so we are right smack dab in the middle of the return window. 

Even with that 8-10 week window it didn't really seem likely that Henry would be back, but with the way he trains and rehabs it's no shock that all that there's a good chance we see him soon. Even if it isn't week 18 vs the Texans, Henry being back for the Titans first playoff game is pretty concrete. Seeing him back for week 18 would be awesome though, a nice little warmup to see how good he's feeling, plus it gives him a shot at another 1,000 yard season. Adding a healthy Henry to the Titans would be huge. The run game hasn't been awful since he went out after week 8, but bringing him back into this offense would open up EVERYTHING for them. It would also do wonders for Ryan Tannehill and the passing game. At first I was skeptical if he could come back and be productive, but the reports the last few weeks have me jazzed up and injects a new hope for this team heading into the playoffs. IF Henry is healthy and feels like his old self there is no one that wants to play the Titans, I promise you that. Just the thought of dropping in a 2,000 yard rusher to this offense feels unfair, and who knows what his workload will be if he comes back week 18 or even in the playoffs, just the threat of him in the backfield is enough to terrify other AFC teams. Now we wait for the "Derrick Henry has been designated to return" tweet and watch the internet explode. Tractorcito szn coming soon. 

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