Nikola Jokic Says He Used To Drink 2-3 Liters of Coca-Cola a Day And Is Somehow Still Alive

Matthew Stockman. Getty Images.

Nikola Jokic has quickly transformed himself into one of the best basketball players in the world. Some say this season he has taken the leap all the way to number one considering the improvements made to his defensive game and how everyone is out for Denver. Anytime you get a chance to watch Jokic play you're going to see shit you've never seen before from a guy his size. Take for example this fastbreak he created last night against the Rockets. 


Absolutely stupid. The craziest part about all this is Jokic was taken in the 2nd round, 41st overall back in 2014. Denver stashed him away with the hope one day he'd come over to the states and be a contributor. There's no way they ever envisioned this, especially with the kinda diet Jokic was living with when they took him. It's one thing to be unhealthy and not in top shape, but this???

Let's do some math here real quick. The average human has around 4.5-5.5 liters of blood in them on a daily basis. Jokic is 6'11" 280 lbs so I wouldn't necessarily call him average — let's bump that up to somewhere around 6 liters. That means prior to coming over to the United States this dude was 30%-50% Coca Cola. HALF COCA COLA. How is he alive? How does he not have diabetes? 

This guy is an inspiration to everyone. I feel like a lot of us growing up did something similar, the difference here is we didn't go onto become superstar athletes. Alright maybe not, 2-3 liters of anything but water on a consistent basis sounds like an impossible daily diet. You just die. I got to a point where my parents had to cut off how much Arizona Iced Tea I was drinking as a kid. I was flat out addicted and would have it all the time. I'd have way more of that than water on a daily basis. Getting off Arizona was hard as shit and I doubt I was getting to 2-3 liters every day, I mean that's just so much fucking liquid when you think about it. 

Half a body of Coca Cola into arguably the best basketball player in the world. Tip of the fucking cap.