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Kevin Porter Jr. Hates Being On The Rockets So Much He Got In His Car At Halftime And Drove Home

The Houston Rockets are tanking. Have been ever since the moment James Harden forced them to trade him. They have the fewest wins in the Western Conference, they’re paying John Wall to do anything but play basketball, things weren’t going all that well BEFORE tonight’s loss to the Denver Nuggets.

But they do have a couple of young pieces. Jalen Green has shown some tantalizing flashes as a rookie, Alperen Sengun and Josh Christopher will each get plenty of room and time to see if they’re worthy of being longterm building blocks, and then you’ve got 21-year old Kevin Porter, Jr. who is somehow a veteran on this team despite being on his second team in three short years.

When he’s cooking, KPJ is as good a young player as there is in the League today. When he’s not cooking, which is much more often the case, he’s throwing things at coaches, demanding trades with zero leverage, and driving home in full uniform at halftime because the big mean coach man was mean. This is the side of tanking that doesn’t get enough light shown on it. The side where players hate losing, think they’re better than they may be, and don’t really give a shit about the organization that has its eyes on the next guy. It’s also where the coaching staff has to try to lay the foundation for the Jalen Greens of the world to let them know the 26-year old best player on the team has to be held to the same standards as the last guy on the bench. It’s what we call in the business a “lose-lose.”

It’s a shame the only conceivable way I can see the Rockets mending these fences is to trade Christian Wood to the Celtics for scraps. If there’s anywhere Christian wood is going to be comfortable and thrive, it’s gotta be Boston. I don’t have any terrible puns for Kevin Porter, Jr. Maybe next time, pal.