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This Babe Ruth And Betty White Stat Blew My Mind

Obviously it's terribly sad that Betty White died just a few weeks from her 100th birthday. Nate spoke about it here briefly, but this stat is going around about her and Babe Ruth shocked me. It doesn't even seem like it's possible. Babe Ruth hit 552 of his 712 home runs AFTER Betty White was born in 1922. That is unreal. He hit his last home run in 1935 when White was 13 years old, that seems impossible. I get it, that is how age and time works. But it still blows my mind that this stat is a thing. She was able to see 3 different MLB career home run leaders! Not many people can say that. Also, the Yankees won EVERY single one of their championships after she was born. That is incredible, such a long life she lived. It's crazy to think about how many of his homers he hit after White was born, it just puts how long her life was into perspective. I can't even think about how there are people alive today that were also alive when Babe Ruth was playing, that is so old. He seems like a fictional character because of how long ago he was around. I'm not really sure who had the longer and more storied career, White or Ruth. But the fact that he hit 552 homers AFTER Betty was born is mind bottling.