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Wow. How to describe 2021? Impossible but I’ll try for y’all. My entire life changed this year. I moved from LA to Houston then back to LA. I wasn’t ecstatic to move back to LA this past summer, as i was still on a search for something different, that’s why I originally left there for 7 months. Little did i know 2 weeks after being back in LA i would be now moving to NYC to sign a contract with Barstool Sports. 2021 was a year of so many truths and revelations.. between myself and my relation to God, to others, and my core aspirations. 2021 has been my absolutely loneliest, yet most successful years by far. I made some dumb mistakes in the 1st quarter, and learned some hard lessons. I know the wins were great but the losses were almost just as great. And in the summer, my losses almost took me out. So much was on my shoulders when i was headed to Barstool HQ that fateful day to do that radio interview on Dave's show in July, and it was then that I decided right then and there i was going to amplify my life, i was going to lead it in the direction of my God given talent. I was going to forget about my mother thinking I was a possible failure, I was going to forget about all the bad going on in my life, and just simply focus on the possibilities. I pitched my podcast to Dave Portnoy live on his radio show and gotdamn it, 2 months later I’m signing a entry level contract as talent & a content creator for them. The first black woman to do so. Ever. The 4th quarter of 2021 definitely made me feel like Steve Francis in his prime. Had ya in the first half didn’t I. Thought it was over. Then there comes God on His timing. There’s so much to be accomplished. So many possibilities. Success is my only muhfuckin option, Failure's not. 2021. You really fucked me up in best worst way. Heartbreaks. Losing my best friend of 15 years. Gaining the best job in my life. Infinite plane rides. 4 Cribs. 3 RollingLouds, all w/ backstage passes. 2 kitties. (Salem & Butta, thank you for helping me with my mental health this year.) 1 talent contract. Puetro Rican rainforests. Bartending gig that I hated, that sucked the art & the life, right out of me.. Always on a plane. Always. On the pursuit of happiness. "LA is better for me." "No, Houston is better." "No, LA." "No... NEWYORK." What a change, I'd be moving across the country in the middle of fall/winter, where I had no friends, no base. I was truly about to start all over, I know I prayed for some change in my life, but wow God but you was REALLY going to take me completely out of my comfort zone. for-real. It was scary and exciting. I still don't have a bae yet, or a friend circle. But Im gaining knowledge daily, and I work on being the best version of myself. Between you & me? Im scared shitless. I don't know if I'll actually reach the heights Im climbing for, I don't know If I will let Dave/Erika down, I don't know If I'll let myself down. I don't know anything other than if I work hard and keep my faith, it'll take me somewhere. Some far away from doubt, depression, loneliness. Somewhere where I don't think every day about how much I wasted my potential. It can take me to financial freedom, to providing for my family, to making a LEGACY out of this. It can take me possibly much further than I ever imagined. 2021, you changed me. Absolutely losing it all.. then gaining it all back. God can be ironic like that. 2021 taught me to not let my self be defined by anything other than my art and my ambition. 2022.. what the fuck do you have in store for me?!?! Cuz it’s honestly I’m ready to face it!! Im grateful to have made it off this rollercoaster alive, but dammit if I aint ready to ride AGAIN! LFG 2022 IM READY FOR WHATEVERS NEXT! #Goodbye2021 #WhatAYear #IllMissU