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It's December 31st. Load Up The Choppers

Last day of the year. Time to heed the words of Weezy and Ricky Rozay. 

fo' fo' bulldog, my mothafucking pet
I point it at you and tell that motherfucker fetch
I'm fucking her good, she got her legs on my neck
I get pussy, mouth and ass, call that bitch triple threat
When I was in jail she let me call her collect
But if she get greedy, I'ma starve her to death
Top down, it's upset
Been fucking the world and n I ain't cum yet!
You fuck with me wrong, I knock your head off your neck
The flight too long, I got a bed on the jet
The guns are drawn and I ain't talking 'bout a sketch
I pay these n with a reality check
Prepared for the worst but still praying for the best
This game is a bitch I got my hand up her dress
The money don't sleep so Weezy can't rest
An AK47 is my fucking address, huh

That translates to "carpe diem.” Seize the day. Go out on a high note.

Be safe today/tonight and Happy New Year.

p.s. - If you never heard my Lil Wayne & Rick Ross x Avicii & Skrillex mash up version of this, "Level The Choppa" check it out here.

It was good enough that Will Middlebrooks used it as his walk-up song when he was with the Red Sox (release the Dell nudes).

p.p.s. - speaking of Weezy. Kevin went pretty hard last week on Jay-Z being head and shoulders above anybody else alive in rap right now, saying nobody could touch him in a Verzuz battle. 

I disagree, I think Kanye and Wayne could both beat him, and am working on an extensive blog on the topic. Look for it next week.