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A Self-Serve Popcorn Machine Is The Biggest Game Changer In Movie Theater History Since The Invention Of The Projector

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Can someone tell me the name of the movie theater where this beautiful machine is located because I feel like we have another $AMC stock situation on our hands. For far too long we have been relying on the hands of overworked and underpaid concession workers to serve our popcorn at movie theaters, which always ends with a bukakke of butter on top of your popcorn without an ounce of that delightfully artificial liquid gold once you hit the midpoint of the bucket, which let's be honest is at some point during the fourth trailer you watch. 

Now with this beautiful machine, you can butter your popcorn perfectly without doing the admittedly genius Hubbs straw trick.

Again, I have nothing but #RE2PECT for Hubbs' life hack. But we don't need to be hacking life when it comes to buttering your own popcorn as we stand on the door step of the year 2022.

Yes I know this also means you can also sneak in your own bucket and get free popcorn whenever you want. But I ask anybody thinking that to think again because all that's going to do is hurt this DIY theater during these already tough times and have you back sticking a straw in your popcorn or even worse relying on someone else to perfectly butter your popcorn. Plus it's a terrible look to bring an empty yellow-stained popcorn bucket back to your house just so you can save a few bucks. I personally would never do such a thing but my allegedly rich coworker Large reuses movie theater drink cups until they turn to Thanos dust and while some of my coworkers may look at him as the gold standard for finance here, I look at him as a Poor in high priced Big & Tall clothing that fell ass backwards into landing a super successful (and beautiful) wife.