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Call of Duty Professionals Are At Each Other's Throats Today On Twitter

Alright let's take it from the top - Doug 'Censor' Martin is a competitive Call of Duty icon. He's one of the biggest personalities in the scene, but hasn't competed professionally in quite some time. You may know him as the jacked gamer, the guy who dates Yanet Gracia,

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But at the end of the day he's a passionate Call of Duty content creator and is currently aspiring to get back into the competitive Call of Duty League. He went on the Blue Bird app today and gave his thoughts on why the CDL struggles pulling in viewership:

This led to league MVP 'Simp' to respond:

Nadeshot then joined the party:

Alright, that's enough embedded tweets (for now), but I wanted to make sure you got the full gist of what's going on. My main thoughts are in my twitter video above - but the TLDR version is that more orgs need to be getting content out about their players. Right now, only a few orgs are doing it and they are the ones with the actual fan bases. Content is king on the internet and especially in the gaming scene. 

If more orgs followed the OpTic playbook, the CDL would have much, much higher viewership.

To end it, here's some tweets of Nadeshot just going off: