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Elon Musk Details What He Thinks The Best Form Of Government Will Be For Mars And Representative Democracy Is OUT

Step 1) 

Representative Democracy is DONE on Mars because Musk says it is too corrupted by special interests. That means referendums on EVERYTHING. Great idea. People love voting in polls. He also said that laws that people will be voting on need to be short enough for people to understand. Another great idea. Voting on Mars will basically be done on twitter. Need to find a way to keep the bots from voting and ruining polls like those assholes did with dog walk snake drafts, but so far so good on Musk. 

Step 2)

Have an easy way to put outdated laws in the garbage when they no longer function. A little more convoluted than step 1, but honestly, step 1 sounds so good that we can just vote on a way to enact step 2 and bingo bango we have a functioning Martian Government. I am in. There used to be the old cliche that paradise, liberty, and opportunity were just a little further west. Just over the horizon. Well now...that horizon is Mars. If they can find a way to stream sports from Earth to Mars I think I am in on this. I don't want to be on the first spaceship colony to Mars where you'd have to do all the hard work that the original settlers did in America. That sounded so hard. I want to be in the Ellis Island round of immigration where the original people hated your guts, but ultimately you could gain standing in the culture.