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Dana White Issues A Drug Test Challenge In Response To Jake Paul Calling Him A Cokehead

Dana White went on Teddy Atlas' podcast this week to discuss the year that the UFC had, and when the topic of Jake Paul and his incessant chirps at Dana and the UFC came up, White issued a challenge....

“I got a challenge for Jake Paul. This guy keeps saying that I’m a cokehead. He can randomly cocaine test me for the next 10 years if I can randomly steroid test him for the next two.”

Not bad, huh? Seems like a pretty even deal, maybe even lopsided on Jake's end! 

In my opinion, Dana White ain't no cokehead. I dunno if he's a 'bump here, bump there' guy, but I mean, I know some cokeheads, and I would assume Jake knows a buncha cokeheads, and unless Dana were better at hiding that than anyone alive, it's pretty obvious he doesn't fit the bill. Maybe Adderall like Dave, but not coke; it's like the main thing he criticizes Oscar de la Hoya for….

Shockingly, Jake Paul, who is notoriously always online, has gone completely silent on social media since this clip came out.

It was also revealed this week that Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II only did 65k buys on PPV, and I don't think the UFC has put up numbers that low in like 20 years, so that could be another reason for Paul's silence….

Like I said on the Rundown a few weeks back - Jake is huge on social media, but in the real world, people just don't care. They'll watch the KO clip that goes viral after the fight, but won't actually pay to watch said fight. 

He'll never get Dana to let Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz outta their contracts for 65k buys. For context, the last Masvidal fight did 700,000 PPV buys and the one before that did 1,300,000 buys. Which makes 65k….not great, Bob!

UPDATE: Jake has commented on the reports about the PPV numbers, calling them "FAKE NEWS!"

Still no response to Uncle Dana's challenge.