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Virginia Tech’s New Coach Was Talking About How Great Their Defense Is Going to Be as They Gave Up a 70-Yard Touchdown

I love Bowl Season because it’s college football at its most ridiculous. Games played in random locations in front of usually few enough fans that you can hear any one of them, half of the teams with interim head coaches and many of the games of no importance whatsoever. That’s when things get fun.

Wednesday’s Bowl Season Moment of the Day came as ESPN was interviewing new Virginia Tech head coach Brent Pry on the Pinstripe Bowl broadcast, who was discussing what a “great brand of defense” the Hokies are going to play right as Taulia Tagovailoa uncorked one 70 yards down the sideline for a Maryland touchdown. Tough time to take the mic.

The play-by-play guy didn’t give a shit either, he snapped out of interview mode and right back into the game like he was calling the game-winning score of a College Football Playoff game. Pry looked over for all of half a second to see Darryl Jones streaking down the field and then just went back to the camera knowing he had just become the meme du jour.

I sure hope Pry is planning on teaching his defensive backs to not get absolutely toasted down the sideline, because it appears they might need that reminder.