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Logan Paul Made The Sickest Custom Table Top With 15 Game Boys

Is it too late to add to my Christmas list? This has to be one of the coolest table tops I've ever seen and the fact that it lights up and changes colors is just *chefs kiss* perfection.

Take me back to these days of gaming - I wouldn't go ANYWHERE without my Game Boy and it's where my love of gaming truly first began. Consoles were always fun, but the ability to game anywhere at anytime just always hit home for me.

To this day I'm still pissed that I never knew about the Game Boy GameCube attachment.

I got my Game Boy at the tail end of it's career when the Game Boy Advance was hitting the markets. The GBA truly never left my sight and the light worm gave me the ability to play at night time which truly changed my 6 year old life forever. If you wanna take a trip down memory lane, checkout my Game Boy Advance blog that contains my favorite GBA games.