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Wake Up With Greg Jennings Putting The Team On His Back In Madden

Last night was obviously a tough one after the news of John Madden passing away came out. However, seeing the universal praise of Madden along with the countless stories on how he impacted peoples' and some of his greatest moments tweeted out was AWESOME.

So we are going to keep to positive vibes flowing with the most incredible display of the human spirit overcoming virtual adversity with Greg Jennings putting the team on his back and scoring a touchdown, even with one of the most hardest hitting safeties in the league Darren Sharrrrper standing in his way. A first ballot Hall of Fame Internet Video on a first ballot Hall of Fame Video Game that can make everybody happy except that motherfucker Gumby who was proverbially reduced to ash in the digital Superdome.

The incredible stories that came from Madden games and franchises are some of my favorite things in the world. I started a thread on Twitter with some of mine and got some great ones added in the replies as well. Check it out or add your own stories if you want here.

For the record, EA Sports 1000000% has to not only put Madden on all the different covers of his namesake game next year but they better make a game John would be proud of.