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Best Of 2021: Watch This Man Experience a Coke Freestyle Machine for the First Time After Being in Prison for 10 Years

I absolutely love this guy. I hope he's enjoying the shit out of his life back on the outside.

Imagine going to jail in 2011 and coming out today. You go in with everybody carrying around an iPhone 4 and still buying music on iTunes and you come out and we have touch screen Coke machines that will give you Grape Sprite if you want it. Times really do change, I reckon.

In all seriousness, though, it's awesome to get to see someone experience something for the first time that you take for granted. I actually do remember the first time I used one of the Freestyle machines — at the Coke Museum before they were ever used in public, no big deal — and my reaction was exactly the same. It's one of the great inventions of our time.

This video gave me a nice little feel-good boost this morning. We should all live our lives with a little more of the excitement of someone using a Coke Freestyle machine for the first time. Happy Friday, everybody.