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Former Raiders Cheerleader And Playboy Model Goes Mental On A Delta Flight, Spitting In A Mans Face For Not Wearing A Mask, Promptly Get's Detained and Arrested

NY Post - A crazed woman was arrested by the FBI after she went on an expletive-laced tirade and slapped a fellow passenger aboard a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta.

The unhinged woman — identified as Patricia Cornwall — was arrested by the feds after the wild incident aboard Flight 2790 on Thursday, Atlanta police said in a statement.

She was accused of causing a midair “disturbance” that led to the “injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees,” police said.

A video tweeted by ATL Uncensored shows the woman standing in the aisle cursing at a male passenger as they exchange heated words.

“Put your fuckin mask on!” she yells, as her own mask sits below her chin.

“Sit down, Karen!” he shoots back at the woman.

“Mask up!” she shouts.

“You mask up, bitch!” he yells back.

She is then seen slapping the man, who shouts, “You’re going to jail!”

Crew members are seen trying to restrain the woman, who is led down the aisle while yelling, “You fuckin piece of shit!”

This happened right before Christmas Eve last week. You'd think flying home for the holidays, to see family and rejoice, after the year we all just had, people would be more relaxed and peaceful. 

But that'd be giving the human race too much credit.

If aliens ever do come down, and ask for a 10-minute crash course on humans, and honest, "pro & con" explanation, all you'd need to show them to demonstrate the worst side of us is an airport. 

Not sure what it is about air travel, guessing the stress, coupled with uncomfortableness, and the shocking rudeness of 90% of other people just sets people off. Like spontaneous combustion.

All it took for Patricia here to lose her shit was this guy milking his "food and drink time" to keep his mask off, and she went ballistic. 

Someone in the clip said the woman “went crazy on the airplane, punched this man in the face, spit on him, scratched him (and) poured hot water on my leg.” 

According to TMZ, Cornwall went nuts because the man wouldn’t mask up while eating and drinking.

When the flight landed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 6:10 p.m., police met with airline employees at Gate A11, where passengers described the incident.

After a little twitter & imdb sleuthing, turns out the lady in question, Patricia, used to be a Raiderette back in the day.


Would you expect any other team? Honestly?

That kind of spitting and slapping behavior is child's play in the Blackhole. 

She also appeared on Baywatch-


As well as modeling for Playboy.



It's not only shocking that a former vixen like Patty/Patricia here is caught up in a situation like this. But also that it occurred on a Delta flight. 

I'm a fan of Delta. Good conditioned planes, almost always on time or early, great flight attendants and customer service, overall great airline. Which usually attracts similar clientele.

My big question after watching this whole thing, and how legitimately angry everybody in the video was, is why do people care so much about what other people are doing? You're already sharing a metal tube that's recycling air, crammed elbow to elbow with strangers that couldn't give a single fuck about anybody else but themselves. Just put your head down, bury it in a book, or in a movie, or sodoku, and don't look back up until you land. Or sleep. Don't make chit-chat, eat and drink if you must, and wear headphones at all times if you can. 


Nobody enjoys flying. It's the worst. 

Especially the people getting paid to do it like flight attendants. Their jobs suck. Imagine having to deal with people like this every flight, every day, every week? No wonder they're always so pissed off and on edge. They're probably praying somebody makes their day so they can release all the pent-up rage they've got.

Giphy Images.

None of it made sense so I did what I haven't seen any of the big J's do, and that's look up the police report for more details. Here's what happened according to the man whose face got orally ejaculated on, "R.S.M."

a. R.S.M. was seated in 37C when he got into a verbal and physical altercation with CORNWALL. R.S.M. stated CORNWALL was returning from the restroom from the rear of the aircraft when she encountered the flight attendant and beverage cart blocking the aisle. CORNWALL asked the flight attendant to help her find her seat to which the flight attendant asked CORNWALL to find an open seat until beverage service was complete as the flight was approximately an hour in length.
b. CORNWALL responded to the flight attendant ‘What am I Rosa Parks?’ R.S.M. advised the beverage cart and flight attendant were at his row and R.S.M. believed CORNWALL’S comment was inappropriate and he responded to CORNWALL that she ‘isn’t black….this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.’

c. R.S.M. advised CORNWALL then turned her attention towards R.S.M. R.S.M. stated he told CORNWALL to ‘sit down Karen’ to which CORNWALL responded, ‘sit down p****.’ Additional derogatory comments were made by both parties involved. CORNWALL then struck R.S.M. with a closed fist, striking R.S.M. about the head, causing visible injury. CORNWALL then spit in R.S.M.’s face and head area.
d. R.S.M. advised that CORNWALL was taken by flight security and restrained for the remainder of the flight.

Yah that'll do it. 

Why are two white people invoking a watershed moment in the racial justice and civil rights movement? Your guess is good as mine, but I'm gonna go with Cutty Sark and 7 Ups. Final answer. Many of them. Those nips at 30,000 feet up will sneak up on ya.

p.s. - sink runner. Am I right?

p.p.s. - if you haven't seen this guys bit on 2021 logic, especially the part about air travel (and the NFL), it's pretty great