Best Of 2021: The Smitty vs. Michael Rapaport Deposition Tapes Are Here And They Are Spectacular

That went well.

Smitty vs. Michael Rapaport deposition tape clip Part I of...??? Going through the entire 7+ hours now, but note how it is "Exhibit 78" which means there are at MINIMUM 77 other pieces of evidence like this one presented. However, this little nugget of the US judicial system was simply too good to not release ASAP. Honestly we need to have someone go through the 24+ hours of depositions between myself, Dave, Kmarko, KFC, and Nate and put it behind a paywall or something. Barstool Gold 2.0 of solely these videos featuring such litigation incompetence would make zillions. 

Also note that "Love comes and goes but Herpes lasts forever" was stated under oath. Only in America. Victory for the people.