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We've Had Not One, Not Two, But THREE Big Man Receiving Touchdowns Scored Today

This honestly may be the greatest weekend for units in the history of the world. Saint Nick was the most talked about man on the planet for 48 hours straight and a literal God to God knows how many children. Millions of people have been feeling the pain that every big man goes through thanks to Christmas dinner, cookies, and cheeses. Then we have a trifecta of Thicc Sixes cash in on an NFL Sunday along with a fumble recovery touchdown for a big fella.

Fuck your spread offenses and analytically driven aggressive play calling. Throwing to the extra doughy guys with hands as tender as their overworked hearts for a touchdown is the true revolution taking place in the NFL. Not only is it clearly effective but it gets the entire team and fanbase fired up more than any other play that can be called. If you have love handles, you better have a play in the gameplan drawn up for you in the Goal Line package.

The funniest thing about this is that while 99% of the football world loves these touchdowns, there are still a bunch of fantasy managers cursing them to hell because that touchdown went to a big man in the trenches instead of the guy in their lineup during the fantasy semifinals. Hate to see it.