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Did One Of Carlos Correa's Family Members Just Break Where The Shortstop Is Going To Sign?

Ohhhhh boy! Do we have hot stove action when the stove isn't even allowed on? A Carlos Correa fan page Instagram account posted these pictures of Correa and his family and they secretly may have leaked which team is interested in Correa. THE ANGELS! One of his family members is wearing an Angels jersey! There's no shot she's an Angels fan, so the only reason she could be wearing one is because Correa is moving out west to play for the Halos. You don't just show up to Christmas with your superstar free agent relative wearing a random baseball jersey, no way. The big question is who's last name is on the back? Add him to a team of Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Anthony Rendon and you've got yourself an All Star team, no doubt about it. Imagine that for a second, two of the best infielders in baseball, the best outfielder in baseball, and the most talented player in the history of MLB. Could the Angels open up their checkbook again for someone who isn't a pitcher? Are they going to continue to try and win every game 9-8? Now is it true??????

Absolutely not! But it's fun to think about right? No chance this picture was leaking who he was signing with, but you could imagine if it was, right? There is SO LITTLE baseball news right now I'll jump at anything, I'll sniff around any rumor or report. We've gotten 0 update or news on the lockout and I am starving for some juicy news. I'll just pretend this has legs and we can run with it. Kind of strange to show up to Christmas wearing a former division rival's jersey, but maybe it just made the outfit. The weirder part is running a Carlos Correa fan page on Instagram. Why is this still a thing? And this page has a huge following too! Over 38K followers and over 5K posts, what kind of person has the time to dedicate this much time to Carlos Correa? Weird move for sure. Would it make for a great story if Correa went to the Angels, absolutely. But I can't take this post seriously, I wish I could. I wish we had any MLB news but this is what we're stuck with, looking at family members in pictures and making assumptions.