Watching The Steelers Right Now Is The Definition of Insanity

Insanity: noun

"the state of repeating the same act over and over again expecting different results"

Yep. That's been the Steelers, especially on the road, the last six weeks. Another banner day at the office for the boys in black and gold. 


Let's recap a few quick notable stats....

1. The Steelers have been outscored 114-13 in the first half in their last six games

2. The Steelers are the first team to be down 23+ points in three consecutive road games all year

3. The Steelers have gone five straight games without scoring a touchdown in the first half something they haven't done since 1940

4. The game against Kansas City got so bad that CBS literally turned it off. Switched it to a "more competitive game" only to see the Raiders take two kneeldowns which honestly was more compelling than what the Steelers put on the field on Sunday. 

So all of that just to churn out the same product next week and the week after and go into the offseason with false hope of "well, we're the Steelers so we'll be fine". Yes, Ben wasn't great today, but anyone who doesn't just look at Twitter and actually for some reason watches this team can see that this team is in a really, really bad spot in a lot of places. 31st ranked run defense. Probably about the same ranked offensive line with young pieces that haven't really shown improvement. Wide receivers that continue to make both physical and mental mistakes. Guys in the secondary flexing on the crowd down 23 after giving up over 200 yards in the air in the first half alone. It's sad, but it just feels like this is who the Steelers are now. 

I don't know how anyone can't point to the top. How do different outlets literally say it's "not an overreaction" to call Tomlin the best coach in the NFL. In what world?? He's not even the best coach in his own division. There's plenty of blame to go around and everyone deserves some of it, but this stretch of 6-7 weeks has been quite literally historically bad for this franchise. 

But again, just like the definition of insanity, I'll be back ready to roll next Monday night for likely Big Ben's last home game. Hopefully with his decision to inevitably hang 'em up will bring necessary changes throughout the team because I can't take more of the expectation being down 20+ every other week and every time we go on the road. 

The standard is the standard, but i sure as hell don't wanna get used to this.