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Matt Rhule Believes "1,000%" The Rebuild In Carolina Is Working. Just Look At Jay-Z!

What a wild quote this one is. Imagine telling your team that success is right around the corner. Just got to get to year 7. Year 7!

Apparently that's the message Matt Rhule has been preaching around Carolina this year. I can't say I've had the pleasure of keeping up with the goings ons in Carolina all year, but I at least know this much. After a respectable start, it's gone downhill fast. They tried the whole reclamation project thing with Sam Darnold, which was more or less a continuation of what we saw in NY. They lost C-Mac which obviously is a shame, but things have spiraled to the point where the past couple of weeks they've tried the whole "platoon at QB" approach. 

Now I have to admit, I only ran the numbers on this once. In the interest of posting this blog in a timely fashion, I did not re-crunch these numbers to assure accuracy on my initial calculation. But my historicals tell me that this is a strategy that has worked at roughly a zero percent success rate. Somebody can fact-check me on that, feel free. But something tells me the data (see, 5 straight losses) supports me on this one.

The brass in Carolina can take Matt Rhule's word for it. I'm not sure what progress looks like thru 2 years, but it's their god given right to wait til year 7 to find out where this thing is headed. If they cut him loose at this point, they'll never know.. People will always look at the Matt Rhule era in Carolina and wonder what could've been if he had only made it to year 7. Guy could've been an overnight success. Just like Jay-Z. So it's safe to say the Panthers' hands are tied. 5 more years! 5 more years!