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A Woman Tried To Cash A Paycheck From The City of Chicago And WHOOPS...The City Of Chicago Has Insufficient Funds

Been there...entire CITY OF CHICAGO. There is no worse feeling that trying to check out and your card gets rejected. I am sure most of us have been in that situation in our youth and it's embarrassing when you're in your first job or still in school and you're taking home like 40K a year. Now...imagine you have insufficient funds for a City employee paycheck when you have a budget of $16.7 BILLION

This city SUCKS. This tiktok was posted yesterday. Meaning this woman couldn't get cash out on or around Christmas because the City's account with Chase didn't have enough money. That is sad, astounding, and pathetic even if the reason ends up being a glitch. PR for this City couldn't be any worse than it is right now. I love Chicago. I love that skyline view from the West. Chicago has everything going for it and people still find a way to fuck it up. Incredible. 

I hope that this woman was able to go another bank that would cash it for her and then money hits the City's account before the bank processes the transaction on Monday morning. Unbelievable.