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Nothing To See Here, Just A Live Bat Flying Wild In The Lambeau Field Press Box Before Today's Packers Game

I gotta brush up on my CDC guidelines, but I'm not sure how well immunizations protect you from getting bitten by a goddamn covid bird. Big J Journos are usually crying their guts out about the lack of free soda in the press box, so I'm sure they are less than thrilled having a rabies machine buzzing by their head right before kickoff. On Christmas no less! And in the upset of the year, the person who caught the bat wasn't the dude calmly trying to reel it in with the giant net but instead the dude throwing a box around like a madman, which feels like a huge win for idiots like me who try to fix every problem without a plan or something remotely resembling the correct tools.

However as Dan Labbe so eloquently pointed out, the most important part of this extremely important story is how a live wild animal impacts the game we all responsibly placed money on in the Barstool Sportsbook. And based on the first drive of the game, it's clear that today is going to be a monstrous Nick Chubb game because he's apparently nicknamed Batman for some reason.

I reeeeeeeeeally wish I saw that video and had a goddamn clue that Nick Chubb's nickname was Batman before kickoff. It was always Nick Chubb.

P.S. I gotta include the two greatest videos of bats being captured in history, which are John Candy in The Great Outdoors as the gold medalist and Manu Ginobili as silver medalist