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Kemba Walker Saved Christmas

You think I give a shit that Trae Young, Kevin Huerter and Lou Williams didn't play? Sure don't. You can only play who is in front of you and the Knicks kicked the Hawks ass. That's all I see. That along with Kemba Walker saving Christmas, the season and potentially his career. We all know what happened. He gets moved to the bench and completely out of the rotation. It was the right decision. Kemba was not good during that stretch and Thibs needed to make a change. Well, some guys in COVID, Derrick Rose out 8 weeks now and look what happens. Kemba has a resurgence. Awesome. I want Kemba to be elite for the Knicks. I want him to be this guy that's a threat every time he's on the floor. At the minimum at least be a trade asset at some point. 

Everything about today felt right. The Knicks belong playing on Christmas day. The Knicks belong kicking someone's ass on Christmas day. I didn't even hate the alternate court and the 90s-esque alternate jerseys! That's what we call the Christmas spirit folks. 

I'll say this about Kemba. He didn't bitch about going to the bench. He didn't sulk. He said he was there to help guide the young guys and when his number was called he'd be ready. Bing bong. Oh and Julius got his stuff figured out today which was much needed, RJ is back, Obi is out here doing between the Eastbay in-game and Grimes is hitting shots. Time to go on a run. 

Now hit the music. 

Okay hit this music too.