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The Saints Asked Drew Brees If He Would Be Interested In A Comeback And He Reportedly Responded By Texting A Picture Of Himself Golfing

That's the reason Drew Brees lifted all those weights! He won his Super Bowl, made a kabillion dollars, and set all the records that Tom Brady would immediately break. But most importantly, he became the legend for an NFL franchise to the point he didn't feel the need to come back to chase rings or numbers. 

There is more to life than risking death or dismemberment as some of the biggest athletics freaks chase you down fresh out of the booth while playing for a team ravaged by COVID with receivers who are probably in the mid-60s in Madden. Namely enjoying your family, escaping enjoying your family for the links, and your new job with your new look where you sold out countless of your balding brothers.

Plus let's be honest, Drew Brees' arm was closer to Weird Haircut Seth's by the end of his career than even Weird Football Player Taysom's. Being able to tell your old coach that you have no interest in returning by texting him a picture of you golfing is as close to a happy ending as NFL players get, even though I figured Drew Brees would be the last person on Earth to say no to a comeback considering he had this video go out less than 10 months ago.

Luckily all's well that ends well and even though the Saints didn't get the GOAT of NO, they did get the BOAT of the NFL.