Let ‘Baby Boomer Santa’ Teach You the True Meaning of Christmas

To be clear, I’m not in Chevy Chase’s age demographic. But technically I am a Boomer. The youngest child of a WWII vet, born right at the tail end of the Boom. Who any time I rip something contemporary on Twitter get “This was the most Boomer post ever.” So I just learned to embrace it.

And I therefore share what Alison Brie here refers to as their “well documented historical vanity.” Granted, I know I would’ve despised filthy, mud-soaked garbage like Woodstock. But it’s hard to argue the point that their (my) generation perfected music. While helping the Beatles chase McCarthy away and building the Iron Curtain or whatever.

So to all you Millennials and Gen-Z on behalf of Boomers everywhere, you’re welcome for everything.

PS.  This is one of the great sitcoms of the last 25 years. Infinitely rewatchable and deserving of a better fate than it got. If for no other reason than turning Donald over into a star. I’m still hoping for that movie.