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Who Is The Top Ranked Trivia Player On The Dozen?

Not much of a surprise here, to be honest…

  1. KIRK MINIHANE: Kirk has been a Top 3 player in the league ever since joining it, and Team Minihane is 5-1-0 on the season when he plays. With his return, expect Team Minihane to challenge Chicago for the Crown.
  2. CHRIS CASTELLANI: One of the new players for Season 2, Castellani cooled off a bit after his insane first two matches, but he is still ranked second and Out of Office is 3-2-0 in large part to how he has performed.
  3. TOMMY SMOKES: This ranking may surprise some people, but if you've watched 2-2-2 Uptown Balls all season, you know that Tommy has really been on his game, especially in sports categories.
  4. RUDY: Another new player for Season 2, Rudy received a ton of shit before his trivia debut from co-workers who called him, essentially, an idiot. He has Slumdog Millionaire'd his way to a Top 5 trivia ranking.
  5. NICK TURANI: A staple since the start of The Dozen, Nick has easily been the strongest player on the undefeated 5-0-0 Frank & the Frankettes this season. He is a man on a mission and I have it on authority that the undefeated record means a lot to him.
  6. CLEM: One of the most lovable guys in the league, Clem has been great this season, but he also owes a lot of his success to Dave Portnoy becoming the Final Answer guy for Ziti. Despite their 0-2-0 record, Ziti has been far been since adding Dave just because they don't second guess themselves anymore. Clem was never bad, he just wasn't confident!
  7. JOEY MULINARO: The second part of the dynamic duo on Out of Office, Joey has been a great pairing with Chris Castellani on Out of Office. Their answers often overlap, but both guys have been absolute studs this season.
  8. BRANDON WALKER: Brandon shit-talked the show last night… no comment.
  9. LARGE: This one has to kill Large. It's been a season of fucking nightmares for Generation XYZ as they sit at the halfway point holding a brutal 1-5-0 record. Regardless, despite his confidence being rattled, Large has still had a solid Season 2.
  10. KENJAC: Smockin, with a 3-1-0 record, is quietly a fucking force. Mark Titus is ranked just outside of the Top 10, and this team is set to make some noise in the second half of the season.

It is worth noting that points are all determined by our scorekeeper (Tyler Goochman). Just because two players on a team average 6.00ppg, doesn't mean the team averages 12.00ppg. While Brandon & PFT are known for fighting over "who gets credit" for an answer, multiple players can be credited for points on any given question, which is why I said Chris Castellani & Joey Mulinaro overlap each other quite a bit on Out of Office.

Here are the full rankings…

…and the rankings sorted by team…

A few things stick out at first glance:

  • There are a handful of successful teams in Season 2 that are well-balanced with players who all contribute: Big Screamin Honkers, the Experts, Frank & the Frankettes, Uptown Balls, and urMom
  • Ziti is also well-balanced, but they just can't win… which is insane!
    • Since adding Dave Portnoy, they average nearly 4.00ppg more than without him… yet they're 0-4-0 when he plays
      • Don't try and make sense of it, because it in fact doesn't make sense
  • Kirk Minihane could use a strong second half from Rico Bosco & Pat, because he is clearly carrying Team Minihane on his back… if those two can lock-in, they may be unbeatable
  • Big Cat has been very open about his poor performances this season, and if he regains form at The Dozen: Battle for Arizona, the Yak might go on a run in the second half of the season

Speaking of, here is the bracket for The Dozen: Battle for Arizona…

These matches will air in the first week of January.

Make sure to vote for the latest FAN RANKINGS…

…and watch the most recent match!

See you in 2022!