The Guide To Caldera Solos Is Out Now! Here's My Biggest Tips For More Warzone Wins

I'm convinced I'm in the .01% of players that actually enjoy Caldera right now. It seems like every big streamer and content creator is complaining about the map, but I've been loving it since day one. It's a big adjustment from Verdansk, but if you use my best tips and strategies from the video above, you'll be in a much better position to get more wins.

The tips go above and beyond solos alone, so if you strictly play with a group, these same tips will help you get more wins regardless.

If you want to see the loadouts that I use to drop 20 bombs, checkout my YouTube channel (currently have my Bren, Automaton and Bar build up there - STG and MP-40 build are dropping December 26th).

First Flankzone of Caldera