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VOTE: What Is The Best Christmas Movie?

We're almost at the big day, so why not do something fun and vote on the best Christmas movie. I added every Christmas Movie rated over a 50 on MovieRankings.Net into the pool, and you can write in anything that isn't there. Here is my personal top-5

*Disclaimer: I'm not including Die Hard in my top-5 because I don't find it to be a movie about Christmas., but you are more than welcome to do so in yours.

1. It's a Wonderful Life - 97/100 - Prime Video: You could argue that this is a legacy pick and I'd have no problem with that. The fact of the matter, though, is that it is basically the progenitor for every Christmas movie that came after it. Basically every theme you can find in one, whether it's the importance of family, togetherness, love, altruism, etc. is part of this movie. It brings you from some dark depths at the beginning(probably the only holiday movie to begin with a character considering suicide) to some heartwarming heights. Tell me one holiday movie that doesn't do that?

2. Home Alone - 92/100 - Disney+: If the title of best Christmas movie was a belt in wrestling, then Home Alone is what took the belt from 'It's a Wonderful Life'. It has all those same elements that make up a great Christmas movie plus something that makes it maybe better: an excellent appeal to both children and adults. Really good laughs, a career defining performance from arguably the most iconic kid actor of all time, and the classic lesson that Home is where the heart is. I know my entire appearance on the last Chicago draft was basically an ad for "The Movie's That Made Us" episode on Home Alone but seriously, check it out. It makes you appreciate what they accomplished even more. 

3. Christmas Vacation - 91/100 - HBO Max: This movie, more than the last two, is one I have grown to appreciate more over time which makes sense. As you grow older, Christmas changes from something you expect to be perfect to something you're now expected to make perfect. So the laughs get better as you grow into understanding the more adult jokes, but I also found my  empathy for Clark's general struggle growing as well. 

4. Elf - 90/100 - HBO Max, Starz: Honestly, Elf is the only movie to come close to taking the the BCM belt from Home Alone. Just like that movie, it has the appeal for both children and adults. It has some jokes that are almost infrared to a child, but hilarious to an adult. The only difference is that the success of Elf is bore on the back of an incredible Will Ferrell solo performance where Home Alone is an incredible team effort. FWIW, though, Elf is usually the first movie on my rewatch list come Christmastime. 

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas - 90/100 - AppleTV+: This movie is pure serotonin to me. The soundtrack, the simple story, the heartwarming vibes, and Charlie Brown learning the meaning of Christmas. What more could you want? 

But who cares what I think. Vote for your top-5 below.